Maritime Security

Maritime Security

Britannia’s armed teams are highly trained and experienced Maritime Security Operatives (MSOs). Our personnel are chosen for their diligence and ability to build long lasting relationships with those they protect at sea.

We continuously develop our personnel through rigorous training and reviews. Our teams are selected to suit your requirements, with a range of service options including British, European and Nepalese teams.

We recruit British, European, and Nepalese operatives all of whom are trained in-house.

Guards come with the following documentation/training:

1. CV 13. Interview Form
2. ENG1 Medical 14. Visa permits
3. Seaman's Card 15. Next of Kin
4. Mental health check 16. Anti-piracy training
5. Passport 17. Consultancy Agreement
6. STCW 95/10 18. Code of Ethics
7. Criminal Record Check 19. Maritime Security induction
8. Yellow Fever 20. Team Leader Course
9. SSO / MSO Certificate 21. Drug & Alcohol Report
10. Weapon Certificate 22. Labour Permits
11. Trauma Medical Certificate 23. English Course certificate
12. Military Records

You can contact us on

Or Call Glasgow HQ on +44 141 212 8222