Maritime Security

Flag States & Compliance

We have extensive experience working with all flag states and oil majors, and were the first maritime security company to achieve Panama flag approval, a title we have maintained for over six years.

As a company we focus on obtaining approval for specialist flag states including French, British and Dutch flag.

  • British Flag: we have been Section 5 compliant since 2012, and can provide British, Eastern European and Nepalese Gurkha teams.
  • French Flag: Our operations team are certified to by the IMO and French government to manage maritime security operations, and vet and approve teams for French flag vessels in coordination with the National Council of Private Security Activities (CNAPS).

Our operations team assist with all flag approval applications and ensure the highest standard of teams protect your asset in any high risk area.


Due Diligence

Britannia regularly welcome auditors from oil majors, shipping companies and independent bodies to our office to carry out due diligences, the process is very easy as we have all the standard questions and answers prepared.

We also provide a pre-prepared due diligence packs in accordance with IMO Circ 1405/Rev 2 in both paper and electronic copies for smaller independent companies not wishing to visit the office, ask our ops team to send a copy today.


  • ISO 28007: 2015
  • ISO 9001 :2015
  • OHSAS 18001: 2007
  • ISO 14001: 20115

Firearms Licenses

  • UK Registered Firearms Dealer
  • British Flag Compliance Requirement
  • UK Open General Trade Control License (OGTCL)
  • UK Certified Weapons Export License
  • OGTCL Map
  • UK Government (BIS) approved port agents and platforms
  • End User Certification (EUC) for all firearms

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